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When you are involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is make sure that you and your passengers are alright. After that, you should move your vehicle to a safe location, such as an emergency lane. You should then exit your vehicle and see if the other driver needs medical attention. If not, you should survey for damage to your car and their car. At this point, you need to request the insurance information of the other individual. Contact the local police department or Virginia State Police to inspect the damage, determine fault, and write a report. If the other driver does not have insurance or does not have adequate insurance to cover your injuries or car damage, this driver can be personally liable for the harm you suffered.

In order to seek compensation for your injuries from an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you will need to go through the legal system. You will not have the other driver's insurance company to negotiate with because the driver either does not have an insurance company or the maximum policy limits have already been disbursed to you. The best way to proceed is to file a civil personal injury claim. Filing a claim necessitates an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer who is proficient in litigation and negotiation. The attorneys at The Stellute Law Firm have served thousands of clients who were victims of car accidents just like yours, and we can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. We provide free consultations and serve clients in the Hampton Roads community.

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Uninsured Motorist Claims
It is illegal in the state of Virginia to not carry car insurance that meets state-mandated policy minimums of $25,000. Individuals who fail to carry proof of insurance are subject to fines and potential jail time. While a police officer may be able to ticket an uninsured motorist who crashes into your car, the police officer will not be able to force this driver to agree to pay for your injuries and the damage to your car. This is where a personal injury lawyer steps in.

The purpose of an uninsured motorist claim is to compensate the injured party who does carry liability insurance when the defendant driver does not have insurance coverage.

The personal injury attorneys at The Stellute Law Firm have advocated for accident victims in Hampton Roads courts for years and is prepared to provide you with comprehensive and personalized representation.

Underinsured Motorists
Often times, car accidents cause acute injuries that result in astronomical expenses - multiple hospital visits, surgeries, treatments, therapy, medications, lost wages, and emotional distress. Many drivers purchase low coverage policies in order to save money on their monthly car insurance payments. This means that if one of these drivers causes a disastrous car crash, the insurance will likely not cover all of the accompanying expenses.

The purpose of an underinsured motorist claim is to provide additional compensation to the injured party when the defendant driver does not have adequate insurance coverage.

The attorneys at the Stellute Law Firm can explain the insurance system to you, help you explore your options, and zealously advocate for your best interests.

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