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Each year with each successive model, car manufacturers strive to out-do previous models with enhanced safety features. However, motorcyclists remain as vulnerable as ever in auto accidents. While one of the most alluring characteristics of riding is the ability to feel a fresh breeze on your face, riding a motorcycle carries its own steep risks. Bikers commonly fall victim to negligent drivers on the road. Whether due to violating traffic laws or not seeing a motorcycle in a blind spot, these accidents lead to countless tragic injuries and deaths each year in Virginia.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you undoubtedly suffered painful and life-altering injuries, injuries that are too onerous and expensive for you to handle on your own. And you shouldn't have to. The driver at fault - the driver who caused the accident - is legally responsible for compensating you for your injuries. In order to pursue full compensation, it is vital that you retain a skilled and accomplished motorcycle accident lawyer like those at The Stellute Law Firm. Our accident attorneys have over 50 years of experience with handling thousands of personal injury cases.

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Motorcycle Accidents
Though motorcycle accidents represent less than 2% of all crashes in Virginia, motorcycle riders account for over 11% of accident-related fatalities. This is due in part to the high risk of ejection from the motorcycle. Unlike cars, motorcycles are not equipped with multiple air bags, thickly padded doors and bumpers, and seatbelts. Even the safest motorcycle driver is susceptible to catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident due to the sheer lack of protection.

The severity of the motorcycle accident depends upon: the speed of both drivers, the type of other vehicle involved in the crash, and what the at-fault driver was doing to cause the crash. Other factors that affect the severity include the weather, the reactions of both drivers, and traffic conditions.

In the past year, 2,055 motorcycle accidents occurred, resulting in 77 fatalities and 1,778 injuries. Many of these accidents were caused by speeding, running red lights, improper passing or lane changes, following too close, failing to yield, avoiding another vehicle, and improper turns. Many were also caused by drivers who were drunk, high, asleep, tired, and/or sick.

However, the main cause of motorcycle accidents is negligence. Negligence accounts for approximately 50% of all motorcycle accidents in Virginia. Negligence occurs when the other driver is not necessarily violating any traffic laws but rather is driving carelessly, such as failing to check a blind spot. This driver then causes an accident, which results in injuries to the victims. The victims are legally allowed to seek compensation for these injuries in court.

If you are injured, an experienced personal injury lawyer like Mario Stellute can guide you through the claims process and advocate for your side in court.

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