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Traffic offenses run the gamut of minor non-moving violations with light fines to severe moving violations with potential jail time and driver's license suspension. Interaction with a police officer during a traffic stop is usually stressful and intimidating. The officer will tell you what you have been stopped for, which Virginia traffic laws you have violated, and when your court date is. When many people hear the term "court date," they are immediately coerced into paying the fines in full. However, a skilled traffic offense lawyer can help you fight the ticket and keep your driving record clean.

Each year, thousands of Virginia residents and out-of-state visitors are pulled over and ticketed by Virginia highway patrol. In fact, the Hampton Roads community is notorious for speed traps and traffic cameras. You may believe that you can't afford a lawyer to fight your ticket or that it isn't worth the hassle. However, fines add up, and points on your license accumulate with each ticket. You may soon be facing very drastic consequences, such as losing your right to drive. The Stellute Law Firm understands what an aggravation a traffic ticket can be.

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Common Traffic Offenses
Traffic offenses are divided into moving and non-moving violations. Moving violations occur when you are behind the wheel, your car is in motion, and you allegedly violate a traffic law. Moving violations are often accompanied by points on your license. When you accumulate enough points, your license can be suspended by DMV. Common moving violations include:

  • Reckless Driving-General

  • Reckless Driving by Speed

  • Reckless Driving- Failure to Maintain Control

  • Reckless Driving - Racing

  • Speeding

  • Running a Red Light

  • Disobeying Traffic Signs

  • Illegal Lane Change

  • Improper Turn

  • Failure to Yield

  • Following Too Close

  • Driving Under Suspension

  • Driving Outside Restrictions

  • Driving Habitual Offender

Potential Penalties
Depending upon the type of traffic offense, you may be slapped with a variety of different and very serious consequences. These include:

  • Exorbitant Fines

  • Jail time

  • Suspension or Revocation of License

  • Heightened Car Insurance Rates

  • Traffic School

  • Community Service

  • DMV Demerit Points

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Traffic Ticket?
The number one reason why individuals refuse to hire a defense attorney for what they believe is a simple traffic ticket is the fear that they cannot afford an attorney. Attorney representation is often associated with high hourly rates and inflated fees. However, a traffic offense attorney can be relatively affordable. In fact, with the expertise of a traffic attorney, you can find yourself paying less for the combined cost of the tickets and attorney's fees than you would have if you had paid the ticket in full instead.

Traffic offense attorneys are well-versed in Virginia traffic laws and ordinances. In addition, they have experience with arguing tickets in court and are familiar with the thought processes of traffic judges and prosecutors. Traffic attorneys are skilled at cross-examining police officers, witnesses, poking holes in the prosecution's case, identifying any missing evidence or documents, and making arguments for reduced charges or complete dismissal.

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