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Airplane accidents, though rare, account for some of the most catastrophic and traumatic injuries. Airplane accidents can occur due to crashes, malfunctions on the tarmac or even negligence of flight attendants, pilots or tarmac personnel. While strict airline regulations govern flight patterns, flight loads, maintenance of planes, and training of airline employees, accidents do happen. These accidents can occur on commercial airlines or private charters. In addition, the airline, the airplane manufacturer, and/or the airline employee may be liable for damages, depending upon the accident.

Because plane accidents involve extremely complex legal issues, it is imperative that you hire an attorney with experience with flight injuries. The Stellute Law Firm has a background in plane accidents and over 50 years of combined experience with personal injury. Our attorneys can advise you on which claims are available to you, which entities are liable, which court has jurisdiction over the matter, and the best way to prove your case.

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Airline Accidents
Accidents caused by airline error are the most frequent form of flight injury. These injuries can be caused by:

  • Inadequate Safety Equipment

  • Faulty Mechanical Equipment

  • Poor Response To Emergencies

  • Discrimination Or Poor Treatment Of Customers

The airline does not manufacturer its own planes. It typically buys new or used planes straight from the manufacturer or from another airline that is discarding old planes. However, the airline is responsible for maintaining proper safety equipment, such as oxygen masks and flotation devices, in case of an emergency. The airline is also responsible for checking the airplane before and after each flight to determine if the plane is fit to fly. These safety checks are rigorous and mandated by the FAA. If the airline fails to properly check for issues or fails to fix any issues that arise, it can be liable for resulting injuries.

Airplane Manufacturer Accidents
In addition, the actual plane manufacturer may be liable for damages if the airplane accident is caused by faulty equipment. For instance, if the manufacturer fails to use specified materials or include required safety equipment or if the manufacturer misrepresents the condition of the plane to the airline, the manufacturer can be sued for its role in the accident.

Airport Accidents
Not all flight injuries are caused on the plane, however. If you suffer an injury while at an airport, you will have the right to seek full compensation from the airport. For instance, if you slip on a puddle in the bathroom, the airport will be liable for injuries you sustain.

In addition, many airport injuries are directly caused by individuals. For instance, if you are assaulted by a TSA member during security screening, you can seek legal recourse for any physical injuries or pain and suffering you incurred.

Airplane Accident Attorney Prepared to Pursue Your Plane Injury Claims
Airlines, airplane manufacturers, and airports have infinite resources, including funding and a large team of lawyers, to defend against personal injury claims. The aggressive litigators at The Stellute Law Firm have appeared in court thousands of times to zealously represent clients in personal injury cases. Our attorneys understand the complexity and rigorous demands of airplane accident cases and are prepared to investigate, negotiate and litigate your flight injury case.

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