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Trains have operated throughout the state of Virginia for hundreds of years now. Popular railway companies such as Amtrak and CSX traverse hundreds of miles of Virginia countryside, transporting passengers and goods throughout the state. The train is one of the oldest forms of transportation, and over the years, national and state regulations have tightened in order to provide more safety guarantees to passengers. However, railroad accidents are still surprisingly common. Popular news stories revolve around derailments, speeding trains, fiery crashes, and renegade runaway trains.

When a railroad accident does happen, riders on the train face severe injuries and even fatalities. Riders can include operators, engineers, and employees, as well as passengers. In addition, freight trains carrying goods that are involved in accidents can cause astronomical property damage and halt business for the companies that rely on the items being transported. Local Virginia communities are also often adversely affected by these railroad accidents. The accidents can cause local property damage, as well as injuries and deaths of local residents. Aside from being responsible for cleaning up the accident, the railroad company will also be responsible for compensating victims for any damages or injuries.

The Stellute Law Firm is skilled at litigating personal injury claims, and a railroad accident is no exception. Over the past 50 years, The Stellute Law Firm has tirelessly pursued justice for thousands of personal injury clients, and over these five decades, the attorneys have developed a keen understanding of railroad litigation. We offer free initial consultations and only charge clients if we obtain compensation for them.

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Types of Train Accidents
The most common types of railroad accidents occur on the tracks, at the railyards, and inside the trains themselves. Accidents that occur on the railroad include:

  • Crashes With Other Trains

  • Derailments

  • Hazardous Material Spills

  • Collisions With Vehicles Or Pedestrians At Railroad Crossing Sites

  • Impact With Track Workers

  • Mechanical Malfunctions

Accidents that occur at the railyards include:

  • Defects That Result in Dangerous Conditions

  • Workplace Injuries

  • Explosions

Accidents that happen inside trains include:

  • Falling Luggage

  • Injuries Caused By Sudden Stops

  • Slip And Falls

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After suffering an injury due to a train accident, you likely want to concentrate your time on devising a way to heal, caring for your family, and finding or maintaining employment. However, the stress of compensation and the pain of your injuries may prevent you from enjoying the life you once had. The Stellute Law Firm can help you get your own life back by pursuing compensation for your injuries. We serve clients throughout Virginia and have an office conveniently located to serve the communities of Hampton Roads, Hampton, Newport News, York County and Williamsburg.

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